Honeymoon in Morocco

In a few months, my husband and I are headed to Morocco to celebrate our honeymoon.  James and I were married this past June, but were unable to take this celebratory trip right away due to our work schedules.  We will be traveling to various areas in Morocco, including Essaouira, Marrakesh, Merzouga, Quarzazate, Fez, and Tangier.  For almost three weeks, we will be exploring old medinahs, exotic souks, ancient riads, and riding camels- I can't wait!  We will be staying in a variety of places: traditional homes, berber tents, and boutique hotels.  For a few years now, I have been dreaming of one hotel in particular- Peacock Pavilions.  Located in Marrakesh, this boutique hotel is nestled in an olive grove a few miles from the city center and offers a little peace for weary travelers after a long day exploring the city.  More photos to come post-trip!


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